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Gen 30-32 It’s All Your Fault!

Jealousy or envy is not the mark of love. There is a principle in scripture that says:  Love is patient, kind and not envious.  Jacob, the deceiver was deceived and ended up with two wives and two servant women. Leah produced children but Rachel was barren causing jealousy between her and Leah. She also lacked faith to wait on God’s timing for a child.  Her impatience, like Sarah’s, led to ill-founded charges against her husband.  Isaac went to God for his barren wife but, Jacob and Rachel were at each other’s throat blaming the other for this failure. Their words “it’s all your fault” and “I am not God!” were used as fuel to take away grace and peace.  Rachel, like Sarah, ordered her husband to sleep with her servant, Bilhah and spineless Jacob obeyed the voice of his wife.  Nothing good comes from stepping out ahead of God and His perfect plan. The servant woman gave birth to two boys, Dan and Naphtali and while Rachel felt vindicated, these two boys would bring heartache to God’s perfect plan.

The first, Dan will be the one to introduce idolatry to the nation of Israel thus leading the people to follow man-made religions. Naphtali, meaning strife or struggle, would be known as a warring tribe. When Jacob blessed his sons he said that Naphtali is a hind let loose, he gives beautiful words. Yet his lack of obedience failed to drive out the Canaanites as God said to do. Barak, his descendant succumbed to fear and a woman named Deborah got the glory.

Rachel and Jacob’s life is a lesson for us that when we step out ahead of God heartaches follow.  If you are facing a trial like Rachel’s go to God and wait on Him.

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