Will we be found faithful?

Hebrews book with candle2a

Advent Series–By Faith: Hebrews 11-13

When you hear the word faith what image do you have in your mind? Do you see images of men of long ago in robes and beards? Do you see women in their garments tending to families and then to Jesus as he traversed the land of Israel? The Hebrews author doesn’t want us to see any of those images but Jesus Himself fulfilling his role of prophet, priest, and king. He set the standard and others followed. Thus the Hebrews author’s Hall of Fame lists men and women who followed the Christ in all they did and how they lived. He wants us to know one truth above all: it is impossible to please God if you deny Him and His son but God rewards those who seek him. Thus begins the Hall of Fame beginning with Noah and ending with a legendary group of men and women who paid the price to be found faithful.  Their eyes were fixed on what was heavenly not the temporal.

Jesus endured the cross thus offering to us a picture of what is expected of us as His followers. He disregarded the shame, do we? Yet he alone was given the privilege of taking his seat at the right hand of the throne of God. When we endure suffering we are counted as sons of the Most High God.

Do you see yourself as one of the faithful?


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