Have you seen the Glory of the Lord?

ezek 43 glory2a

Ezek 43 Ezekiel, more than any other OT prophet, gives us a front-row seat to see the action of God amongst his people in regards to the Temple. He begins in chapter one with the vision of God’s glory and His voice telling him to “go and tell.” In chapter 10 we encounter it again but this time the glory of the Lord is leaving the Temple. Now in chapter 43 Ezekiel again sees the glory of the Lord, but this time he is seeing the Lord returning to the Temple.

What must it have been like to encounter the glory of the Lord? When the Shekinah glory overshadowed the Temple all the people prostrated themselves. Then, Isaiah, like Ezekiel, saw it and like him, he fell on his face. The three disciples, James, John, and Peter saw it when Christ was transfigured and they fell prostrate. John saw it again on the Isle of Patmos and he prostrated himself as well. So, you ask, what is the point? The point is that when we come face to face with God and see His glory something should happen. For each of us, that may be different but in humble adoration, we are to reverence His presence.

If you ever find yourself saying I wish I could be like those who have seen, stop and consider God’s creation, a newborn babe, a new born again believer and more. God’s glory is all about us if we just look.

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