The Never.Look.Back Man

Where are you in your walk with God? Are you looking back or forward?

Joshua is an example of   “The Never. Look.Back. Man”

joshua 1 never look back

Out of the pages of history, Joshua rises to show us what it means to ‘never.look. back.’ He lived in slavery, saw the man Moses come upon the scene after many prayers to God for deliverance. He believed that God answered his and the nation of Israel’s prayers and followed the man God sent. And he ‘never.looked.back.’ He lived to see the plagues in living color yet he ‘never.looked.back.’ He put the blood on the doorposts of his home trusting that God would do as He said He would do. He ‘never.looked.back.’ He followed God’s appointed leader to the Red Sea and believed if God could do what He had already done, He could do the simple opening the Sea that he might enter and he ‘never.looked.back.’ At Mt. Sinai he went with Moses to retrieve the Ten Commandments from the hand of God and he ‘never.looked.back.’ He saw the golden calf but did not bow down to it, he had experienced the Majesty of God and he ‘never.looked.back.’ At Kadesh-Barnea he went, he saw and he believed that what Moses had said about the Promised Land was true and he ‘never.looked.back’

Now at the Jordan River, having been commissioned by Moses to lead the next generation across and conquer the land he ‘never.looked.back.’

Jesus challenged the disciples to pick up their cross and follow him.  When we do that we join Joshua to be a ‘never.looking. back’ people.

So where are you? Are you looking back or looking forward?

The fields are white unto harvest and are ready for you to enter and claim the promises of God.

Step into the River and cross over and…


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