Thinking Ahead

How does one protect him/her self from making bad decisions when thinking about relationships?

Numbers 36 “Forward Thinkers”

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How do you make wise decisions? Do you seek scripture? Do you seek the wisdom of your elders/church leaders? Do you spend time in prayer? The courageous daughters of Zelophehad had wisely gone to Moses about their dad’s inheritance since he had no sons. The Lord instructed that these five daughters should be given the rights that would have gone to a son.

But now we see that the tribal leaders approached Moses about how to protect the inheritance of these five courageous women. As forward thinkers, they saw the handwriting on the wall. There needed to be in place some rules ahead of time so that they would not lose their inheritance from a male from another tribe. Thus Moses established, by the Lord’s wisdom, to place protective hedges around them by which they could only marry in their tribe and the women agreed.  These protective steps would protect their inheritance and Israel’s national heritage.

If only we would follow this advice when we are considering relationships! These tribal leaders cared for these five courageous women just as God wants to protect us. There are two principles: It is wise to think ahead of the “what if’s” before you have to face them head-on. Secondly, remember the question Paul asked: “What does a believer share in common with an unbeliever?” [2Cor 6]

Wise Counsel: (1) Date once to see if they are believers; if not walk away. (2) Marry only a believer to protect the “tribe of Jesus.”

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