Morning and Evening…CONTINUALLY

How do you begin and end your day? Is every day the same? If not, how do you keep each day fresh?

Numbers 28 “Morning and Evening, continually

Some practical advice: quiet time2a dan-kiefer

Continually. When you read that word what comes to mind? What do we do continually? We eat, drink and work continually but do we set aside a time when we come quietly in prayer to seek God and His direction continually?

The Israelites were given a manual as to how and when they were to offer sacrifices not for just special days but for each morning and evening. As NT believers we no longer follow the sacrificial system but we are encouraged to have a system of a quiet time both in the morning and the evening. The psalmist, Daniel, and Paul all had a quiet time when they came to meet God. Like them, we can use these times to thank Him for his provisions, protection and offer our petitions.

Hebrews reminds us that we are to continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God,  that is the fruit of our lips, acknowledging his name. Romans reminds us that we to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, alive, holy and pleasing to God which is our reasonable service. The psalmist said he came to God to present his case “in the morning.” Again the psalmist said our prayers are like incense in the evening offering.

Do you have that special time with God each day? Share with us your thoughts and ideas.

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