Filled & Fed

Lev 24 “Lessons from the Tabernacle”

lev 24 menora2a

The Bible is replete with word pictures like the two pieces of furniture in the Holy Place in the Tabernacle. Each has a profound lesson about light and provision. The lessons should not be lost on us for us who are NT believers for each pictures Christ in His work.

The Menorah, a huge candelabra made of pure beaten gold, symbolized the Messiah. It was from this piece that branches, as pictured in John 15, must never be uncoupled from the center lamp. The cups were to be filled continually morning and night with pure beaten olive oil symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The shamesh, the center lamp, represents Christ as He illumines His church and His flock. It was never to be extinguished but filled regularly just as we once filled at salvation only need refreshing daily. Just as the priest was to fill each lamp daily, so Christ our High Priest should be filling us daily.  Be ye filled [Eph 5:18]

The table of showbread was filled weekly with 12 loaves of bread. The loaves of bread represent not just the 12 tribes of Israel but for the NT believer represent Christ as the Bread of Life, the Manna, the Bread of Heaven. We are to feed upon Him in His word for He is our provision.

Are we being filled daily as well as weekly? Tomorrow, as we begin our journey into Numbers, remember to be in His Word so we may be illumined and fed.

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