A Bride for Isaac and a Bride for Jesus

weddingds gen 24aGenesis 24  Who doesn’t love a wedding? They are beautiful but weddings are the end of courtship and planning. The bride is one who is sought but the groom is the one who shoulders the family after consummation.  Reading carefully through this chapter we encounter a servant sent to acquire a bride, a bride and then the groom. All of it is beautifully choreographed by the hand of God and we are the spectators to it all. The star in all of this is without a doubt the senior servant of Abraham sent to acquire a bride for his son. It is his life of devotion, prayer, and obedience that mirrors our Savior. He is doing much like what Jesus did. He made an oath to obey the Father to seek a bride. He swore to not take a wife of the Hittites because they were unbelievers.  His life was a life of prayer in his ongoing and when he reached the land of Abraham’s family.

Jesus is like the servant in this story seeking a bride to bring home. He does nothing without spending time in prayer. He worshipped and praised God just as this servant when the bride was found.  The servant brings the bride home and Jesus will bring us home to the Father and one day he will say:

Rejoice with me because I have found my bride!

Who are you in the story? Are you the bride waiting for your groom? Are you the servant doing the master’s bidding? Are you praying about it?


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