Do You Love Jesus?

john 21 do you love Jesus2aJohn 21:  It is as if John wanted us to know that life goes on even after seeing the resurrected Lord. We want to know what to do and where to go but still haven’t a clue. So we return to what we know best even if it is isn’t what Jesus wants us to do. And then horror of horrors we find that we aren’t that successful at what we had been doing but don’t know what we should be doing. The draining moment comes when we, like Peter, come face to face with the Lord and hear: Do you love me more than these do? Do you love me? Do you love me?

After each Jesus says: Feed my lambs; those who are the young and need attention. Shepherd my sheep for they are in need of attention; don’t let them get away. Meet their needs in prayer and feeding them in the world in which they live. Feed my sheep, those who are mature but still need a fresh look at Jesus; a fresh feeding of His Word.

How much do we love Him? Enough to grab our cloak, wrap it around us and leave what is comfortable? Enough to come alongside those we disciple and shepherd them? Enough to find a fresh green thought to feed on for today and tomorrow until we meet again?

Why is this needed? Because one day we will be too old to do any of these things; others will have to come alongside us to feed us as if a baby. We will need someone to shepherd us when we can’t or don’t know the next step to take, when we are down and distressed and need a fresh word from God.

Beloved, Do you love Jesus?

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