I AM He!

John 18 “I AM He”

Jesus is lordDo you wait to be with Jesus in the early hours of the morning? Jesus loved that time too. Yet on this night of all nights as He knelt in the Garden speaking with the Father, his quiet was rudely interrupted by stomping boots and clanging swords all being led by the betrayer. But, as he had inquired of the early disciples, He now asks: “whom are you seeking?” He desires that they respond with reverence that they may be without excuse but the master betrayer has confounded them into confusion. They stand before him seemingly unaware that for this purpose He has come into the world. They had heard his teaching but failed to respond and now they hear: “I AM he…” They came seeking a notorious criminal; instead they came face to face with the holiness and majesty of the Son of God and retreat and fall to the ground for no man can stand in His presence unless cleansed by His blood.

These like the rich man of Luke 16 or the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas who carefully sought to not be defiled but will find that all of their works are like filthy rags.  Instead of bowing the knee in this life they will bow the knee in eternity only to hear “I never knew you.” But to those who respond as Peter “You are the Christ, the son of the living God,” they will see His glory that the Father gave to Him.

Jesus is asking; whom do you seek?

How do you respond?


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