Psalm 115 “To God Be the Glory”


What do you worship?  A better question might be whom do you worship? As the Psalmist of old, we who are believers in Yahweh or God can say: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us,  But to Your name give glory” That is our purpose in this life and will extend to the afterlife when we stand before Lord God Almighty.  The psalmist then gives two reasons: He is loyal in his love to us and He is TRUTH. His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ said  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” [John 14:6] And that is why the Lord God Almighty is superior to any idol man-made or otherwise.

The world may ask “where is your God?” The Apostle Peter attested to this fact when he said that in the last days scoffers will come asking: “Where is his promised return? For ever since our ancestors died, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.”  We can answer that He is where He was yesterday and will be tomorrow   “our God is in the heavens.” It is in heaven that He who holds the universe in the palm of his hand sits undisturbed, his throne unshaken, and his purposes unchanged. “God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made.” [Romans 1]

Friend, do you know Him? He came for you that you might know him now and more importantly in eternity future. “Commit your future to the Lord! Trust in him, and he will act on your behalf.” [Psalm 37:5]

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