Christ or Angels? Whom do you worship?

Hebrews 1 worship J+2Are you as baffled by those who just cannot accept no when asked? We meet them on FB and we meet them in our neighborhoods. They are diehard followers. You know who they are. They seek proselytes with all of the lies that Satan has fostered.and do not present Christ ALONE!  And that is why the book of Hebrews is so important. The author of Hebrews will present a case for the persevering steadfast believer and why Christ alone is worthy of our adoration.

First and foremost the author reminds his readers that God spoke through the prophets His final and authoritative word which we have as our OT scriptures. BUT, now he has spoken to us in His Son reminding they and us “This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him.”

And why should we listen?

Christ is the heir of all things, the agent who authored creation, the radiance of God’s glory shining forth, He is the clearest duplication of God himself, not in figure, but in attributes, He upheld all things with his power and authority, made purification for our sins as a perfect sacrifice and lastly sat down at the right hand of the Father in the heavenly throne room having said “it is finished.”

Angels are not “the Son” but are “sons.” Christ is not only the Creator but chose to lay aside his divinity and become human as the begotten Son of God. Angels are created beings, ministering spirits and servants of God to render service to those who will inherit salvation. Their purpose is to do God’s will and, like the Holy Spirit,  to glorify the Son, never adding to God’s Word. This reminds us of the warning given in Revelation “If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book.” 

Christ is sovereign, angels are servants–even though they are swift as the wind and as strong as a fire, they are NOT the Son.

Praise and honor belong to God the Son alone. He is prophet, priest and king to each believer. Therefore, we are to stand firm in our faith and pick up our cross and follow Him alone.

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