Praying Parents

Eph 3 praying parent.What would it be like to have had a praying parent? Imagine the scene of you tip-toeing down the steps in an early morning hour and hearing your parent(s) praying for you. You know eavesdropping is impolite but when you hear your name you stop and listen. What do you hear and how might it change your focus, your day, your thoughts, your responses?

God has given us the privilege of eavesdropping in on the imprisoned Paul’s prayer time as he utters “for this reason, Father, I pray.”

These are clear words that Paul has a passion for the Ephesians, his children in the faith. In eavesdropping we overhear: “I pray that You, Almighty Father would strengthen my precious children in their inner man, [in order that] your beloved Son, Jesus Christ may dwell in the hearts of my children by faith, [in order that] my precious children may be able to comprehend the full scope of your unfathomable love, [in order that] that they might be filled to overflowing with your fullness and your Holy Spirit power. And, Father, I commit them to you trusting that you will do far beyond all I ask or think, for these are your children. Amen. ” [Author’s paraphrase].

If you heard these with your name attached, would your day be different and if so how? How might our family life, our church life not only be sustained but invigorated?

Take time today to ponder, pray and watch for results.


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