Your New Identity….in Christ!

col 3 new identity in J+2What does it mean to have a new identity in Christ? First and foremost it means that while once we were alienated from God due to sin we are now reconciled to God. Our identity is in Him because of our new birth into God’s kingdom of His Son.  And lastly, God has blessed us with the gift of the Holy Spirit who now indwells us. This dramatic restructuring came about because of the price Christ was willing to pay for our debt of sin delivering us from the domain of darkness and transferring us to His kingdom.

Even though the enemy would like us to rehearse the past and return to it, we are to do an about face, look in the mirror and see what God sees while you say to the enemy:  “I am dead to sin and alive to Christ.”

With a new identity comes responsibility. Therefore, seek that which is above not here on the earth as you glorify God in every area. Moment by moment put off the old man with its old ways—even if it struggles to remain! Remind the enemy of this truth:  “I am a new man with a new identity and I am adopted into God’s kingdom.” God wants to give you an eternal incentive and it is this: “whatever you do…do it as for the Lord rather than for men.”

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