Jesus is the ONLY Door and the ONLY Good Shepherd!

john 10 door shepherd2The religious leaders were distressed, not joyful, over the healing of the blind man (if you missed it read the post on John 9: Is Jesus Your Messiah?) . These religous leaders did not consider the newly sighted “miracle man” to be part of the “flock,” but instead because said they do not “know” the Law and thus are they are accursed. (see Jn. 7:49) They saw themselves as a “fraternity” with rights and privileges and the “miracle man” just did not qualify! Jesus will now reveal to them the heart of the matter which is they are the evil shepherds Ezekiel spoke about and he is the Good Shepherd. What an indictment! They not only cursed the blind man but excommunicated him from the “flock.” It is in that context that Jesus comes and finds him in the Temple. That is what Jesus does when we face others who seek to destroy our faith. He comes to us and we hear his voice. We recognize him and fall down and worship him.

Did the “fraternity of Pharisees” get it? Jesus pointed out that they not only got it, but they were condemned because of it. When the LIGHT was revealed they chose to return to their father the devil because their deeds were evil. Jesus pointedly told the disciples “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.” Leaven is hidden to the spiritually blind but revealed to those who see spiritual truth. The bllind/now seeing man “got it” and Jesus ministered to him as a tender Good Shepherd does.

Jesus is the Only Door and Only Good Shepherd! Do you know him?

Stop and Pray for your leaders that to hear the voice of Jesus. And, when you hear something that doesn’t sound right, be a Berean and examine it to see if it is true.

You can find the “Is Jesus Your Messiah” here: and this one will be uploaded on November 13th. Come and join us as we walk through the NT, Ps and Proverbs each day.

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