Blessed Beyond Measure

matt 13 blessed beyond measure2Matthew records this chapter that we might see several points. One is that although there are prophets who predicted the grace that would come or righteous people; they longed to see what we see but did not see it, and to hear what we hear but did not hear it. We stop and ask why because were not prophets holy men of God who through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit spoke from God? If men were righteous why did they too not hear and see? What hindered them? Can we learn from this as to why we who claim Christ may also not see or hear? Or was it for such a time as then but for us who live now there is a greater gift of understanding.

The clue is most likely found in this. These of old “had the types, shadows, and prophecies…they desired to see the great Salvation, the Consolation of Israel, but did not see it, because the fullness of time was not yet come.” (M. Henry) But it has come now and we who live now in this century are blessed beyond measure for ‘although we have not seen him, we love him and believe in him..’ [1Pe 1:8] We have been blessed by the indwelling illuminating Holy Spirit who will teach, guide and lead us and the full Word of God that is the revelation of God Himself. The question is this: do we recognize this great blessing?

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