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The Holy Spirit is speaking and I am listening. Sometimes I listen really well and other times I put on the headphones to listen but in reality I am in another world. In my reading today I was in Matthew and heard the religious leaders taunt Jesus for not following the traditions but Jesus countered with why are you not obeying the Commandments of God. How often do we “do” but not “listen” because we have our own agenda.

Give me a soft heart, ears to hear, and a mind to discern. Then I can be open to the Spirit’s nudging and His direction. But more often than not it is because as I said I have my own agenda. The chorus repeats in my head “open the eyes of my heart Lord.” That is what  I need.  This is one of my favorite verses…maybe I need to change the latter quesion: am I listening.

Psalm 25 is 30 following god2a

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