Mentoring 101

Be an encourger

1 Timothy 1 to 6 Paul had left Timothy to pastor the church at Ephesus. Somehow, he found out about the problems plaguing this baby church. Timothy needed, or wanted, face-to-face mentoring as a young Pastor, but Paul, as his spiritual godfather, was in Macedonia. In lew of that, Paul wrote this letter to him and challenged him to stand firm in the face of those causing dissension and other problems. 

First, Paul states the problem and then the steps to rectify it with very practical advice. How could Paul be so bold? Paul recalls that although the chief of sinners, he was saved by the grace and mercy of God. Therefore, he says, “I give Him praise!” Next, Paul writes: Timothy, be an example to the believers in love, spirit, truth, purity, and meditate on these things as these are your Fruit of the Spirit to those in that congregation. 

 As Paul closes this letter, he encourages his son in the faith to live, walk and work in a world where there are the temperamental ones that need consistent TLC’s. 

 As I read this and meditated on this letter, several challenges came to the forefront. Who am I mentoring? Am I, although miles apart, encouraging that one? 

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