Do you have enough oil?

Do you have enough oil

Matthew 25 “Preparation”

Stop and think of the times you prepare for some event. You gather your supplies and plan, expecting that day to arrive “on time.” Jesus had taught them in the previous chapter to be ready because one does not know when the Son of Man is coming. (Matt 24:42-44) The virgins gathered their oil, but some only gathered what they would need if He arrived right away. Others gathered much in case He came later. The virgins who had prepared for any time had plenty but notice that when the bridegroom was heard they did not share their oil with the ones who had little. It wasn’t out of selfishness, but rather a consequence of unpreparedness. The ones who had much sent those who had little away to find a merchant from whom they could purchase oil. That seems ridiculous to us because of the late hour, yet note that a merchant was available from whom they could buy oil. However, even in this, the Master called them foolish because they did not adequately prepare for the time He would return. 

Now how does this apply to us today? Preparedness now is the key to being wise. Are you only living as if He will return now, or are you prepared for any time He should return? The first-century believers thought He would return immediately, but here we are centuries later, and He has not yet returned. No matter the time, we are to be vigilant and prepared.     

Question: Do you have enough oil?

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