How to Handle God’s “no’s”

What do you do when God says no?

2Sam 7 & 1Chron 17 What do you do in the quiet of the moment? There is a lull now in the fighting due to the absence of Saul and his sons and David has conquered Jerusalem, making it his home. Like many of us, he sees his life passing before his eyes and realizes that although God has prospered him, he has an inner desire to do more–not for himself–but God before his days come to an end. Thus, in a time of peace, David began to see how the Tabernacle could become a permanent structure. God was pleased with David’s desire but did not allow David to build Him a permanent structure, for he was a man of war. “But God said unto me, Thou shalt not build a house for my name, because thou hast been a man of war, and hast shed blood.” [1Chr 28:3]

Even when God said no, God used Nathan to bring a message of hope to him. Your line will continue and prosper and not end as it did with Saul’s. David was overwhelmed and went and sat before the Lord to pray. Is that our attitude of humility? He is an example of how we are to respond when God says no.

How often do we cry out to the Lord; why not Lord? Or do we go in and sit before the Lord and just gaze into His eyes and yield ourselves totally to His will with a grateful heart?

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