Jesus has been in Cana and has now traveled back to Jerusalem. He could have chosen any of the city gates to enter but he chose the sheep gate, the very gate that the lambs are ushered in for sacrifices. Grab that thought and ponder it: the Sacrifice enters the Sacrifice Gate. And why has He come? He has come to reveal the heart of the lame man and ours as well.

Jesus asks him a simple question; do you want to be made well? And yet the man’s answer reveals his true nature and heart. I have no one, I am friendless. I try but someone else gets ahead of me. But, Jesus ignores his lame excuses and tells him simply; stand up and walk. Some of us are like this man, full of excuses why we can’t change; we are just that way so accept me like I am. To change means responsibility and independence rather than our comfort zone of “I can’t because of…”  But, Jesus gave him no alternative.

Don’t you find it strange that the healed man didn’t toss his mat away but carried it with him? This is so like us. We are healed but we want to cling to our old problems, our old excuses. We say we want to change but when Christ offers us new life we have a myriad of excuses. Another time. Another place. I can’t because of this or that. Jesus says to you; come and see, come and taste, come and drink, stand up and walk and your life will be forever changed.

What’s your excuse?