In chapter 1 the Apostle John asked us to “come and see.” In chapter 2 he asks us to “come and taste.” And what are we to taste but the goodness, lovingkindness, and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. And the way John shares that is through a wedding crisis when the mother of Jesus puts on her mom hat. A mom hat is when you as a Mother get vexed over a situation that is out of your control but you know or think you know that Son #1 can solve the problem. And so we can learn much about this interaction between our Lord and his mom and the observers to the miracle.

The crisis? Running out of wine in first century Palestine that is what we would call a “no-no.” But, why did this crisis happen?  Did more guests show up that were unanticipated—think the Lord and the 5 disciples in tow. Did the guests drink more than the wine steward had anticipated—recall the head steward’s comment about drunkenness.  Did the bridegroom not have enough money to purchase more? We could suggest even more but John wants us to see that it was a miracle to prove He was truly, as Nathanael had said, “the Son of God,” and that He cares even about the smallest or largest detail of our lives.

John also wants us to see and taste that the miracles Jesus performed were to reveal His glory so that those who see, those who taste are without excuse if they deny the evidence. The witness was clear but it is said only the disciples believed.

Come and see, come to taste. What will you do with the miracles when His glory is revealed?