The Bible contains rich word pictures/imagery for how God would reveal Himself and His Character as well as Jesus Christ through the Mishkan:

(Hebrew: מִשְׁכַּן‎, mishkan, “residence” or “dwelling place”), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the portable earthly dwelling place of God amongst the children of Israel from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan.) or as we call it the Tabernacle.

Monday nights I have had the privilege of teaching using the technology of “zoom.” We gather together using a link I send out and according to your time zone. You are welcome to join us. A little preparation for our next lesson follows.

In this lesson we will cover:

The Workers—who were they? What was special about them? Exodus 31:1-6 tells us much about them. Read that passage and reflect on how this mirrors what Jesus did with the disciples in Mark 6. (Whenever we read in Exodus “he made” the parts for the Tabernacle we should recall that this refers to Bezalel)

What do you learn about these two “supervisors” chosen by God?  Relate their character to Stephen in Acts 6. How are they similar?

The Beginning of the Mishkan – the Tabernacle.  Exodus 27:9-19; 35: 1-20 preparation for the materials needed.

The Fence of the Tabernacle: Ex 35:17-18; Ex 38:20; (What materials were used?)

The Gate – Why only one gate? What does that symbolize? Ex 3:1-6 and Is 59:2; John 14:6-

The Brazen Altar –Ex 27:1-8; What is its purpose? Ex 29:38-46

The Laver – We don’t know much about this piece of “furniture” but we do know the materials used: Ex 38:8;  Exo 30:17-21. We do know the purpose of it: Ex 40:30-32

1 Peter 2 “Spiritual Sacrifices”

Be ye holy as I am holy saith the Lord God Almighty.

With holiness comes a clean sweep of the old man. The woman who lost the precious coin swept her house until she found it and we as believers are to sweep our houses so we can get rid of all evil, deceit, hypocrisy and all slander. Then being built up as a spiritual house we are now fully a holy priesthood ready to offer spiritual sacrifices.


Unlike the OT sacrifices of an animal drained of its blood; we are now living stones, living sacrifices because Jesus paid the price and his blood was shed in our place.

Now coming to Him as a living stone we are to offer, carry up or bring to Him those sacrifices that are acceptable [well received] to God “through” Jesus Christ. We ourselves are to be a ‘living sacrifice’ even with all of our warts and foibles. No matter, because once we become a living stone we are a “new creation, what is old is passed away.’ We are as Rom 8:29 says, being conformed to the image of God’s chosen and precious Son, rejected by men but in whom He takes great delight.

As a new creation, we are to be offering sacrifices of praise, the fruit of our lips. [Heb 13:15] and we are to speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. We are to prepare our hearts to offer gifts of thanksgiving. [Ps 116:17] “let us offer worship pleasing to God in devotion and awe” [Heb 12] We are to offer up the gospel to those in darkness.

“The service of man is the service of God.” [MacLaren]

 “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Facing trials is not what we had planned on our daily ledger of things to do. Yet, Peter reminds the scattered believers, and us in this century, that they/us may have to face trials and in fact, in chapter 4 he says that they are not to be astonished when they do happen. In this second chapter of 1Peter his usage of the stones gives us a symbolic picture of how we can face trials with our fellow believers “shoulder to shoulder.” This is a critical thinking point as you endeavor to guide those under you. You may be a Sunday School teacher or a parent guiding the ones God has sent your way. You as the mature are leading the immature, the grown-up guiding the new born babe. Enter into that relationship and you can be sure that the enemy of our souls will start scratching up those behaviors and attitudes and sins you did not confess or those sins you were unaware of. These are the trials you will face and you must be prepared.

Peter uses the word pictures of the  “Living Stone–the Cornerstone” and us as the “living stones.” Think back to the building of the Temple. Peter uses the building of the Temple as a “word” picture. Beginning with the Cornerstone, history tells us that

“It lies at the bottom of the southeastern angle, and is 3 feet 8 inches high by 14 feet long [1.1 meters x 4.3 meters]. It rests on the solid rock at a depth of 79 feet 3 inches [289.9 meters] below the present surface.”


Once the Temple Stonemason placed the Cornerstone he began to place each “living stone” crafted with care, exactly the dimension, and placement needed to form a perfect line. The Master Stonemason, [God] in eternity past, chose us from the subterranean quarry and lined us up, just as the earthly stonemason did, perfectly alongside and above the Cornerstone. No mortar was used and each stone was crafted to interlock perfectly keeping out the debris of the world. This is then a picture of all believers standing shoulder to shoulder as “living stones” above the Cornerstone who is our Rock and Defender. We stand above the apostles and prophets who make up the foundation. [Eph 2:20-21] We stand next to and beside or on the shoulders of the believers from eternity past. Shoulder to Shoulder we stand facing the storms of life. And as we do we “carry one another’s burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ” being a “living sacrifice” in the form of a “living stone” which is steadfast and immovable.

Trials come and go but through them all, we have the body of Christ who are placed alongside us, and beneath us to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. In this way, we are building up a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood which can offer up spiritual sacrifices which are pleasing to Him.

Take a moment and thank God for the “living stone” placed beside you or those who were placed beneath you. You are standing on their shoulders. Take a moment and thank God they are there to stand with you in your present day trial.