As we read Luke 12 and 13 we come face to face with the hypocrisy of the religious leaders but also the populace. All are guilty of what we are guilty of–condemnation of other’s level of spirituality. We love to stand righteously before others failing to look within our own hearts to see what Jesus sees.

Take for example the barn builder. He sees himself as one who has completed all that is needed for a righteous life. He can sit and smugly say all is well when indeed God sees him as a fool. Then there are those who come to Jesus to tell him of the tragic deaths of some Galileans. Their faulty hypothesis comes across as well as they make a judgment call based on one’s birthplace.  Jesus correctly reminds them that as a Jerusalemite, they too are in the same boat.

The truth is bad things happen to ALL people regardless of where they are from or who they are. The important thing is to look within your own heart and judge yourself first before making assumptions about another’s person’s salvation.

So what are we to learn? Bad things happen to both good and bad people. The most important thing is if something bad were to happen to you this very day you are ready to meet God. You may not know that today may be your very last day to wake up and smell the roses. In fact, it may be your name is on God’s calendar to leave this earthly domain.

Do you qualify as a hypocrite?