Are you a procrastinator or an anticipator? Procrastinators use many delaying tactics to not complete tasks but anticipators move full steam ahead because they are driven by time and details. Joshua is the latter but now after 5 long years of war he is weary. Yet, parenting is never done when you have procrastinators in your family!

Procrastinators don’t know how to “un-procrastinate.” They have a to-do list but find other distractions along the way to completion. Satan uses this deadly d to keep us comfortable where we are. He includes fear of the unknown, or you don’t have the right xyz or it is ok to compromise.  He doesn’t tell you about those future minefields that lay ahead. That’s why procrastinators need a Joshua in their life.

The Joshua’s know that procrastinators can’t see the forest for the trees and that they need a plan with simple small steps which precise directions: “Go, walk through the land, map it out, and return to me.”   They also need a buddy system and Joshua did just that.  “Pick three men from each tribe.” Procrastinators always need the assistance of others to keep on track to complete the project and to keep the motivation going.

Do you know a procrastinator? How do you help them or even yourself if you fall into that camp?




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